Aboriginal owned Australian made bath and body products. Packet of Yaye magnesium bath salts.
Dreaming Aboriginal bath Salt with healing bush medicine extract White Cypress Pine
Pouring Yaye magnesium blend bath salts into a bath tub. Native botanical extracts. Bath salts.
Dreaming Aboriginal Bath Crystals with white cypress pine bush medicine extracts

Bath Crystals - White Cypress and Lily

White Cypress Pine and Sandalwood - 300g

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✔ Natural skin nourishment
✔ Quality magnesium blend
✔ Perfect for stress relief
✔ Native plant extracts
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Indigenous Australians have long revered White Cypress for its natural relaxation properties, passed down through generations. Yaye brings this ancient tradition to your bath routine with our luxurious magnesium bath crystals. Crafted carefully, our formula honours centuries of wisdom, offering a truly rejuvenating experience.

Immerse yourself in the restorative power of our bath crystals, designed to cleanse both body and mind from the strains of modern life. Let the soothing scent of White Cypress transport you to a state of tranquillity while the magnesium relaxes tired muscles and promotes overall well-being.

By reimagining the healing practices of the past, Yaye brings a touch of ancient wisdom to your daily self-care routine. Our bath crystals provide more than just a moment of relaxation; they offer a connection to nature and tradition, allowing you to unwind and recharge in a way that feels truly meaningful.

For optimal results, follow your bath with our nourishing body butter. Infused with the same luxurious ingredients as our bath crystals, it locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and deeply hydrated. Our bath crystals and body butter create a holistic skincare ritual that nurtures both body and soul.

Indulge in the timeless allure of White Cypress and experience the transformative benefits of Yaye's bath crystals. Elevate your bath routine to a ritual of self-care and renewal and discover the true power of ancient healing traditions. Shop now and embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with Yaye.


How To Use

How to use Bath Crystals: Scatter 2-4 scoops of Bath Crystals in warm running water to dissolve.


Bath Salt Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium chloride, Tapioca Starch, Irlweke Extract- Callitris Glaucophylla (White Cypress Pine), Fragrance.

White Cypress Pine

or Callitris glaucophylla

Arrente Name: lrlweke

Pronounced ~ ee look

lrlweke, also known as White Cypress Pine, is a native Australian plant traditionally used as an antiseptic body wash.

The fragrant leaves are crushed by grinding, then steeped in water to create a natural body wash. It is also rubbed on the chest to treat colds. Irlweke grows in rocky hill country where it is protected from fire.

Cosmeceutical applications:

lrlweke has ability to enhance collagen production while also being antibacterial. Packed with antioxidants, anti-aging and skin toning properties.

With naturally high levels of amino acids, it assists with skin hydration, toning and luminosity, which aid in the treatment of premature aging.

Naturally high levels of amino acids. Packed with antioxidants, anti-aging and skin-toning properties.

Enhance collagen production while also enjoying the antibacterial properties found in this native Australian plant extract.



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