Each Yaye product range features extracts from a native plant.

These plants have been used for thousands of years as bush medicines. 

1. Native Silky Lemon Grass

or Cympobogon ambiguus

Arrente Name: Aherre Aherre

Pronounced ~ A harr a - A harr a

2. White Cypress Pine

or Callitris glaucophylla

Arrente Name: lrlweke

Pronounced ~ ee look 

3. Emu Bush

or Eremophila longifolia

Arrente Name: Utnerrenge

Pronounced ~ Ort na rung


Yaya products using this extract are part of our Summer range. Look for the gold packaging.

Native Silky Lemon Grass

Cympobogon Ambiguus

Arrernte Name:

Pronounced ~ A harr a - A harr a

Aherre-Aherre, also known as Native Silky Lemongrass, is valued for its fragrant leaves that are crushed to treat influenza, chest infections and skin sores. The leaves and roots are also used in rubbing medicines.

Inhaling this plant's strongly scented leaves treats the colds, aches and pains.

Aherre-Aherre can be found growing in watercourses and on rocky hills. Recent research has found that Aherre-Aherre can offer much of the same pain relieving properties as Aspirin.  

Cosmeceutical applications: 

Native Silky Grass Extracts deliver the active compounds citral, isoorientin / orientin, phenolics and amino acids. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, offer antimicrobial action and deliver anti-ageing benefits.

Elements contained within this extract can decrease oil build-up, reduce puffiness, diminish blemishes and promote collagen renewal.    

White Cypress Pine

Callitris Glaucophylla

Arrernte Name:

Pronounced ~ ee look 

lrlweke, also known as White Cypress Pine is traditionally used as an antiseptic body wash and aromatic medicine. The bark is collected to make a bed to treat people with influenza.   

The fragrant leaves are crushed by grinding, then steeped in water to create a body wash . It is also rubbed on the chest to treat colds. Irlweke grows in rocky hill country where it is protected from fire.

Cosmeceutical applications: 

lrlweke has ability to enhance collagen production while also being antibacterial. Packed with antioxidants, anti-ageing and skin toning properties, lrlweke is destined to be the next big thing in skin care.

With naturally high levels of amino acids, it assists with skin hydration, toning and luminosity, which aid in the treatment of premature aging.   

Yaya products using this extract are part of our Dreaming range. Look for the Green packaging.
Yaya products using this extract are part of our Ochre range. Look for the Ochre packaging.

Emu Bush

Eremophila Longifolia

Arrernte Name:

Pronounced ~ Ort na rung

Utnerrenge, also known as Emu Bush, plays an important cultural and medicinal role in Aboriginal society. The leaves are traditionally burnt to create a smoke which is inhaled to relieve sickness. 

Newborns are laid in the smoke of smoldering leaves to ensure that the child grows up strong and healthy. 

The sap treats burns and sores as it naturally soothes dry and irritated skin. Extracts of Utnerrenge are also used as a liniment and antiseptic. 

Cosmeceutical applications: 

Emu Bush evolved over millions of years by storing vast quantities of the phyto-compounds needed to survive the extreme weather conditions of Central Australia.

Utnerrenge extracts are packed with chlorogenic acid (GCA), and ferulic acid. These properties are suitable for soothing skin, reducing signs of ageing and assisting with after sun care.

The compounds found in Utnerrenge are perfect for dark spot reduction and anti-aging. 

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