Body Scrub

Australian made Indigenous body scrub in a jar. Sugar based body scrub. Native Silky lemongrass and lime body scrub.

Body Scrub - Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime

$44.99 AUD
  Elevate your skincare routine with Yaye's Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime Body Scrub, hailed as the best body scrub for its exceptional quality and effectiveness. Crafted with care in...
Best selling body scrub Australia. Aboriginal product in a jar. Native plant extracts. Aboriginal owned body scrub product.

Body Scrub - Sweet Emu Bush

$44.99 AUD
  Experience the ultimate in exfoliation with our top-selling body scrub. Crafted from a gentle sugar-based formula and infused with Utnerrenge, an Aboriginal plant extract, this scrub offers unparalleled effectiveness....
Australian made best selling body scrub with native bush medicine extracts.

Body Scrub - White Cypress and Lily

$44.99 AUD
  Introducing Yaye's White Cypress and Lily Body Scrub, the ultimate solution for dry skin and painful ingrown hairs. Crafted with care and expertise, this Australian-made body scrub combines the...
Yaye - Bath Body and Beauty Voucher

Yaye - Bath Body and Beauty Voucher

$30.00 AUD – $150.00 AUD
Offer your loved ones a Yaye shopping spree! Yaye products are Australian made and contain the highest quality ingredients. Gift cards to be used online.