Summer Range Collection

body product moisturiser body butter Aboriginal product Australian made skincare in jar

Body Butter - Native Silky Lemongrass & Lime

$44.99 AUD
As a native Australian plant, silky lemongrass (Aherre-Aherre) has been utilised by Aboriginal people for its natural healing benefits for millennia. Rich in antioxidants and active compounds like citral, phenolics,...
Body wash front label. PET bottle. Aboriginal product. Australian made native silky lemongrass and lime body wash.

Body Wash - Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime

$32.99 AUD
  Discover the ultimate in skincare with our Native Body Wash, featuring the rejuvenating power of Silky Lemongrass (Aherre-Aherre), a cherished ingredient in traditional Indigenous medicine. This best body wash...
handwash front of bottle Australian made biodegradable Aboriginal handwash palm oil free product

Hand Wash - Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime

$32.99 AUD
  Indulge in luxury with Yaye's best hand wash, crafted with care in Australia, to deliver a truly unforgettable experience. Our Native Silky Lemongrass hand wash boasts a harmonised lemon...
Australian made Indigenous body scrub in a jar. Sugar based body scrub. Native Silky lemongrass and lime body scrub.

Body Scrub - Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime

$44.99 AUD
  Elevate your skincare routine with Yaye's Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime Body Scrub, hailed as the best body scrub for its exceptional quality and effectiveness. Crafted with care in...
Bubble bath front label. PET bottle. bath and body product. Australian made bubble bath.

Bubble Bath - Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime

$32.99 AUD
  Dive into luxury with Yaye's indulgent Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime Bubble Bath, hailed as the best bubble bath for adults seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Crafted with care in...
magnesium blend bath salts. Australian made. Aboriginal beauty product.

Bath Crystals - Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime

$32.99 AUD
  Containing antioxidants that nourish the skin, Native Silky Lemongrass (Aherre Aherre) is renowned for its healing properties. This extracts of has been combined with our luxury magnesium blend to...